Beware of Carpet Cleaning False Statements

There is a franchise carpet cleaning company claiming that it does not pre-spray and does not add any cleaning products to their solutions because they believe that the use of any cleaning products will leave residue on the carpet fibers.  Hot-water only may be acceptable when the carpeting is lightly soiled but when the carpets are heavily-soiled satisfactory results can not be achieved using hot water alone.

They also claim that they use a special type of water and imply that this “special water” is all they need to clean all carpeting. Since the advent of the hot-solution extraction method, achieving residue-free carpet cleanings is easily done for any carpet cleaner that understands the process, has the most up-to-date equipment, and uses the best cleaning products.

Carpet Cleaning Chico CA has never had a problem with residue even though in the past years we have completed thousands of heavily-soiled carpet jobs.  This is because (1) Chico Carpet Cleaning utilizes Motorized Jet-Extraction technology and never wands (2) we only use non-residue producing, all-natural products in normal situations (3) we have powerful In-truck and Portable extraction systems that remove approximately 90% of the solution.

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Carpet Cleaning Services Offered

Hot-Solution Extraction technology is the unsurpassed method for deep-cleaning carpet that is moderately to heavily soiled. Hi-tech Rotary Jet equipment, ecologically-responsible products, and highly-effective procedures are used to obtain exceptional results. Specially designed portable and in-truck systems provide the extraction power needed to complete this incomparable process.

Low-moisture Encapsulation is an economical carpet cleaning alternative when your carpets are lightly to moderately soiled. The surface of your carpeting will be cleaned using equipment, treatments, and products specifically designed for this procedure. A difference between this process and the Hot-solution Extraction method is that very little moisture is used. Your carpeting will have a fresh scent and clean appearance, no drying time is required, and your carpets are immediately ready for use after the process has been completed, making this method ideal for rental unit quick turns. Encapsulation is also perfect for spot cleanings, periodic maintenance, touch-ups, and follow-ups after carpet deep-cleanings have been performed.

The Benefits of Encapsulation technology include:

  • Very low service fees
    • No drying time
    • No residue

Specialty Work

Odor Elimination

Chico Carpet Cleaning has developed very effective methods of eliminating odors caused by tobacco smoke, pet accidents, cooking, chemicals, urine, feces, and other organic and inorganic substances.   Some of the procedures we may recommend include:

(1) Surface treatments of the effected surfaces using special solutions composed of a mixture of technical compounds know as “inhibitors” and “reactants”.  These surface treatments are either applied by hand or infused topically using a spray device.  Carpet un-installation and pad replacement is often recommended in situations were the source of the odors is protein material caused by either pet accidents or contaminated water.  The surfaces treated can involve all infected areas including the walls, ceilings, sub-floors (the floor surface beneath the carpeting) and the primary backing of the carpet.

(2) Performing a “thermal fogging” is an extremely effective method of odor elimination.  The counteractant formulated “fog” that is produced by the thermal fogging device, has the advantage of penetrating into every “nook and cranny”; everywhere odor producing substances have infiltrated.  This method is especially effective when dealing with tobacco smoke and cooking odors.

(3) Essential oils treatment is a highly effective odor eliminating and deodorizing procedure that can be used even when the living space is occupied.  The essential oils procedure always includes the essential oils “air-permeable” membrane packets and may incorporate a “dispensing “device” to disperse the odor eliminating and deodorizing essential oils into the environment or the membrane packets can be placed in your ventilation and ductwork system.  This allows the essential oils treated air to circulate throughout your living areas while the ventilation system is operating.

(4) Odor absorbing gels are our least invasive method of odor elimination. Instead of producing a deodorizing scent, these scientifically manufactured gels actually absorb and trap odors within the composition of the gel.  The gels can be placed anywhere there are odors present.  They are safe for people, pets, and plants, and are effective for about 2 weeks.

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